No Cost Email or Phone Consultations for Underutilized Industrial Site Redevelopment in every Country and State, except Virginia.

Instructional videos for green methods of site restoration.
2018-Helped with plant stem cell reasearch;streamlining recycling method.
2017-Research on climate change friendly recycling and agricultural methods.
​2016-Assisted in the development of climate change friendly agricultural methods
2015-Textile recycling submission, peternarian animal orchard protection project, assisted green graphene development
​2014-Provided free publication review, assisted in the discovery of green method of graphene production, donated thousands of books  
2013-Completed thousands of feet of 6' chain-link security fence building; innovation in olfactory and sense-related education 
2012-Fence building; Green method brownfield restoration utilizing bio-diesel compatible equipment. 
2011-Donated thousand of books, records and antique bottles to Habitat for Humanity
Spring 2010-Planted several thousand fruit and nut trees for wildlife.
Thanks to the VA Dept. of Forestry for their great service!

Green I.P.
Novel Methods of I.P. Protection.
Courses for site recovery utilizing novel proprietary processes.

Green Science welcomes groups or individuals with underutilized sites or those interested in creating methods for improving the environment.  Thanks for your time and kindness.