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                         Potential cannabis growing facility for sale, lease or partnership-one million cubic foot silo 
                     building in medicinal cannabis oil state.
                    Crypto-currency designed for non-profits available from GSRF, Inc.
                     Virtual currency from almost zero energy.  Mathematicians or mysterious explanations
                     not required.                                                                             
                          Free IP registration of your green company's intent to operate and incorporate as  
​                    a Beneficient Corporation, by the municipality of Fordwick, Virginia.

  Free services include assisting developers of a design which converts existing internal combustion engines to run in a no-emissions closed cycle, similar to the operation of a refrigerator, US Patent 7,789,048. Preferred inputs to keep the cycle running are renewable sources. 
 Jacob is focused on synergistic energy barrier reduction in the electrolysis process, art/science installations of his "Chemistry of Everyday Things" series and aroma stimulation for learning enhancement. Potential collaborators please email jwkb85@yahoo.com.
Pioneers in the transformation of impaired industrial sites into research projects, and in industrial botany, an extreme science, we are happy to chat with anyone wishing to participate in no-cost environmental weekend seminars. 
  Unique in that we do not solicit donations, make political contributions or compete with small business and individuals by having employees and widespread assets, we are a non profit group. Our efforts include providing assistance to Green Science Research Foundation, Inc., thought to be the first "Beneficient Corp." in Virginia. Beneficient Companies are ideal investments for those working to improve the environment or human life.
Stock ownership in this type of firm avoids the conflict of interest present with investment in many "for-profit only" corporations.  They're seeking partners for an ecovillage currently zoned for materials recovery, utilizing a new, simplified sortation system evolved from US Patent 5641069. Existing businesses or artistic individuals who could turn shredded paper, plastic,glass,etc. into retail ready products are welcome to contact us.      
     Also seeking investors for development of US Patent 7,789,048, an electrolysis, steam turbine and battery powered engine. A tesla turbine, solar panel, electrolysis unit, battery and associated components convert gasoline
 powered vehicles into a water phase-shift-powered vehicle. Additional info on this design is available free from http://www.uspto.org or the FAQ answers on the NEWS page here. Thanks for your interest and kindness.



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