​                     Messages from Clients
                  Coffey Pictures is pleased to offer a potential blockbuster for your consideration. We have agreed 
                to fund the initial chemical study of a site the VA DEQ has estimated at requiring up to 2 billion 
                dollars for remediation. Major dia- and para-magnetic readings over areas marked for excavation, 
                and finished concrete slabs poured after the factory closed, promise thrills, chills and possibly 
                     With your help, this could be the biggest show of the century. "2 Billion $ Treasure or Toxic
                Trash Show"
     An invitation to all environmental firms
In 1990, as a novice investor my newly formed company Medox, Inc.purchased a former cement factory
about 20 miles from Staunton, VA.
     Later, in a DEQ meeting with my attorney, an enforcement official suggested that the required remedia-
tion could cost up to 2 billion dollars.
     An opportunity to hold former owners accountable as landlords has arisen with 2 new VA laws coming
into effect July 1st. Should they run low on funds, and the results are negative as indicated below, the
initial sale could be seen as "illegal transfer and disposal of hazardous waste constituting fraud. The
former owners would like use the same tactic to revert the title to the originals owners and users, multi-
billion entities.
     We propose to fund the initial chemical testing by your firm. Providing massive contamination is 
confirmed, and your firm receives the remedial work, a %, termed mechanical damage fees, would accrue
to GSRF, Inc., identified below. GSRF, Inc. would share blueprints, insurance maps, original soil profiles, 
magnetic and vegetative surveys, communications with long time residents, former plant workers, realtors, 
developers, local, state and federal officials, public and elected...

Questions including investor info, please contact natkinlaw@dsvidnatkin.c and raycoffeyjr@gmail.com

Thank you.


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