introducing new domain sacredbeerformenonly.com.-partners will enjoy the benefits of ancient chinese secrets combined                            with modern technology. please contact raycoffeyjr@gmail.com, 540-461-2210.    thank you
​        former factory site available for joint venture, approximate location shown in u tube video, the town of craigsville, va
     neat the beginning, in the middle of routes 684 and 685

         new book available by subscription-So You Don't Want to be a Billionaire?-by anon. (2023)

 Book of the month--Is voting Treason?  Have lobbyists converted voters into co-conspirators
 rubberstamping a lobbyocracy? Dedicated to author Richard Belzer         

film of the week idiocracy (2006)
​please do not be alarmed by the triangle on our ip address-it just means that as a not for profit we are too
​cheap to pay for a ssl certificate. We do not solicit or accept donations. Also, please do not be scammed by
 green science partners, lp of greenwich, ct trying to use this ip address   

​                           Cooking Tip:for pizza or fruit pie  heat on medium in frying pan, then low broil your                                                         frozen pizza or pie, checking often until you get the hang of it

      120 acres of cedar trees and 20,000 sq. ft. heavy concrete building zoned industrial available for

      joint venture recycling cooperage. or perfumery.                                                       

           Open to investment or joint venture possibilities for 15 acre solar panel and e waste recycling facility                                                        on rail line., possible hyperscale digital facility


 Zoned for MRF, 2 million cubic feet of storage, about 15,000 square foot bomb shelter.

 Economically blighted incentives may be available. 


   Joint venture opportunity for concrete block maker using up to 85% recycled feedstock

​ volunteer staff     jacob cox, theoretical chemist, environmental historian, general facilitator

​                           ray coffey  biomagnetologist, lead janitor

New green pet related products are under development. 
                       Inquiries welcome, raycoffeyjr@gmail.com    
Hobbyist or professional mechanics invited to review and possibly collaborate on previously patented zero                                                 emission engine design
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Internal combustion engines converted by feeding hydrogen from hydrolysis into fuel intake, oxygen 
  into air intake, returning gaseous H2O to original hydrolysis vault.                                                                                                                                              Half-tire stormwater filter
​    Thought to be the most efficient, cost effective, simplistic and low energy design available for               
​used tire disposal and stormwater filtration-  Also climate crisis prevention.
   Stormwater filter design with PP6 removal available for no cost 1 year trial to non-profits-.1% of the 
    stormwater fee charged to residents if acceptable after that.      municipalities-no fee
​ Not to be confused with crumb filter and their problems.
Roadway sediment may contain excess nutrients, salt, silt, bacteria, virus material and PP6.

removes virus and bacterial content and lowers temperatures, aids soil adsorbtion preventing flooding.

With the new stormwater filter,                                                                                  
                  designed for roadways, sediment can be safely and inexpensively harvested.
                  Limited time offer of free, no obligation, 1 year license for the design is available to non-profits
                     and municipalities

              Upgrade to US Patent 710879       Seeking partners for proprietary design based on 
     US Patent 7108794, a closed loop engine
     running on water and electricity. Uses include carbon cleansing of existing internal combustion engines,
     use of excess solar energy to run engines in a recycling plant.

​                   Quote of the month-The equations expressing the laws of nature must be covariant with respect to all continuous
        transformations of the coordinates. This is the principle of general relativity-  A. Einstein

     In the Karmacoins program, you email a video or other documentation of your environmental 
     observations or work, planting trees,  river restoration, helping a neighbor, etc.. We assign a value to
     the video, and others are able to fund your activity retroactively.  90% of the funds from a purchaser
     of a karmacoin item would be forwarded to you,  10% retained to keep the program going. 
     Your documentation availability and price will be posted on this website. No personal information 
     other than your mailing address is required.

     Thank you for your help and kindness.


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